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Services for Women

Nottingham Women’s Centre is run by women, for women. We aim to help all women to gain the confidence and skills to achieve their potential and become stronger and more independent. We provide a safe and supportive environment in which women can do this, either by taking part in training or activities, getting support and services, or campaigning and becoming active in bringing about change.

We’ve been around for over 40 years – watch our film to get to know us better.



Donations help us deliver invaluable support to our service users. If you want to donate directly to the centre you can now do this online.


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Women being involved in sport and being active can help to help defy gender stereotypes, build confidence and teach values of teamwork, self-reliance and resilience which can be great drivers for gender equality. Books are a fantastic way of telling of inspiring sporting achievements, of adventure, and accounts of personal hardships and struggles overcome through…

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The local elections are fast approaching on 2nd May so we’ve created a simple guide on how to vote because the process can feel a bit convoluted. Deadline for registering to vote is 12th April. It’s easiest to register online:  Our wonderful one-page guide is downloadable – HowToVoteGuide2PDF  

We want to offer a full and frank apology for the way that Soetry were treated at the Nottingham Inspirational Women Awards. As a result of our actions and inactions Panya and Abii were not afforded the respect that they deserved. We take on board their comment that this could feed into the wider narrative…

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