Meet the Team – Karen

Hi, I’m Karen! I have been working at the centre for over 7 years.  I came here initially as a Caseworker and progressed to Senior Caseworker then Training and Support Coordinator and now I am the Operations Manager. Before coming to work here, I’d worked in the voluntary sector in different roles including employment advisor, volunteer coordinator, community development etc.  My interest in the sector started when I volunteered on a community programme over 30 years ago.

I love my job, particularly the team, they are the most amazing women.  I enjoy being able to support them to do their best and offer a professional caring service to women.

I think I’m known for being an early bird, hard worker, firm, fair and occasionally funny!!

Outside of work you’ll find me decorating my house (repeatedly), enjoying my garden, going on short breaks, spending time with family and friends … the usual really.  I also love cars – the bigger the better.


Take our survey about consent

Consent is a hugely important topic and we want to start a conversation around it. Nottinghamshire Police is a member of the Sexual Violence Action Network, a group of organisations working towards increasing understanding of consent and preventing sexual violence and rape.
Sexual consent is an area where there are still a huge number of myths and misconceptions, and we want to know how much you understand consent, and which myths are still believed and shared. Your answers are hugely important to us and there’s also plenty of information to help you better understand consent.
All of your answers will be anonymous and you’ll be helping us shape our future work around tackling negative attitudes about consent and educating perpetrators.
The link below will take you to the survey.