Our #TimesUpNotts network- the latest

The TimesUp Notts Network met for the first time on 7th February.
Helen Voce, our CEO at Nottingham Women’s Centre, set the scene by talking about the Centre’s work to get misogyny recognised as a hate crime by Notts Police. Recording began in 2016 and much of the focus of the awareness raising has been on street harassment. The Centre now wants to see if Nottingham Women would like to take some action to address harassment at work, particularly since a BBC Survey in Oct 2017 found that 50% of British women have experienced harassment at work.
The meeting was hopeful. There is some great work going on in local companies. There are some strong women interested in moving discussions on to action. There are lots of ideas for where we could focus our attention and the network agreed it could loosely hold what is happening and make sure it is all linked together.
The next meeting date is 21 March 6-8pm at Nottingham Women’s Centre but in the meantime the Women and Equalities Select Committee is asking for written evidence of women’s experiences of sexual harassment at work and how they would like to see things change. Deadline Tuesday 13 March.

Call for volunteers to help raise awareness about misogyny across Nottingham!

As you may know, Nottinghamshire Police Force were the first in the country to start recognising and recording misogyny and street harrassment incidents as hate crimes against women. Nottingham Women’s Centre was one of  the main driving forces behind this and we are currently looking to raise awareness about the new policy and give information about how women can benefit from it by reporting these incidents to the police.
Over two leafleting sessions in the coming months we hope to promote our work and are asking anybody who is available to volunteer to get in touch and help us spread the word.
Details of what to expect are below!
Tuesday 13th March & Thursday 12th April 2018
  • Meet at Nottingham Women’s Centre at 4.15pm for a briefing
  • Walk down to NTU tram stop and then spend 1-1.5 hours on key tram stops handing out leaflets to women
  • Visit around 3 stops in total (tbc) in 2 teams (depending on numbers)
  • Aim: to provide women at tram stops with information about misogyny hate crime and how to report incidents
If you are interested in taking part or have any questions, email Andrea at saferforwomen@nottinghamwomenscentre.com.
We hope to see you there!
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