Misogyny Hate Crime Policy

Nottinghamshire Police made history in 2016 by becoming the first force in the country to recognise misogyny as a hate crime. Results showed there is clear support for the policy from men and women in the general public, as well as victims who have reported. The overall recommendations call for the policy to be rolled out nationally alongside publicity to increase reporting and education to help change behaviours.

Misogyny Hate Crime is working in Nottinghamshire – But will the rest of the country follow in our footsteps?

Please check out the links below for the latest developments with regard to the MHC Policy.


MPs to vote on whether to make misogyny a hate crime

JULY 2018

Press release 9.07.2018: Overwhelming public support for Misogyny Hate Crime Policy

JUNE 2018

Misogyny Hate Crime Evaluation Report June 2018

Misogyny Hate Crime Evaluation Exec Summary June 2018

MAY 2018

The Fight To Make Misogyny A Hate Crime


Call for volunteers to help raise awareness about misogyny across Nottingham!


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Misogyny Hate Crime Workshop at The Nottingham Emmanuel School


Because I am a Woman – experiences of misogyny hate crime

JULY 2016

Misogyny hate crime

Nottinghamshire Police records misogyny as a hate crime