Meet the Team – Cesca

Hi, I’m Cesca and I’ve worked at Nottingham Women’s Centre for 3 years. When I first joined the CHANGES team we were facilitating groups for women involved in the criminal justice system across two sites in Nottinghamshire; we now offer this across 4 areas and the team has just about doubled, it’s been a busy and exciting few years.

I job share the role of Senior Caseworker which involves looking at the support we offer the women referred to the project and making sure we have groups and resources to meet their needs. We work closely with several partners and I enjoy liaising with them, reviewing what works well and developing our offer.

The centre has a fantastic team of staff and volunteers working with some equally fantastic women which is one of the things I love most about my job. That, and the fact that a typical days work can involve ploughing through monitoring data for the project one minute and planning activities and events for an NWC open day the next.

I’m new to the business of parenthood which is entertaining and exhausting! To wind down from chasing Luca I love running and having previously ran the Paris marathon I’m toying with what next, perhaps a triathlon…

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