Are You a Knitter or Someone Who Would Like to Learn?

Joelle is one of our fantastic Peer Support volunteers here at Nottingham Women’s Centre. She currently facilitates the weekly newly re-launched Knit & Natter activity, which takes place on Thursdays, between 2-4pm. The Knit & Natter sessions give women the chance to enjoy working on their own personal knitting projects and have a good chat while they do. For those who have little experience, don’t let this put you off joining, as Joelle will be more than happy to show you the ropes (or the yarn!).

Nathalie, who promotes the activities here at the Centre, picked up the conversational thread with Joelle:

When did you learn to knit and who taught you?

I started knitting last summer as a small hobby, and have started to get back into it this year. I taught myself using YouTube and library books!

What have you made that you’re most proud of?

A small scarf that I gave to my friend’s young son.

What do you enjoy most about knitting?

I find it very relaxing and therapeutic! If I’m feeling stressed, getting out my needles and knitting is the best cure. Even though I’m not that experienced, I find a simple knit is enough to keep me busy.

Can anyone join Knit & Natter?

Definitely! As the name says, this is a welcome space for people to come along and have a “knit and natter.” You can work on your own knitting projects, or just simply have a chat with others and give knitting a try!

I’ve never even picked up a needle, will there be someone at Knit & Natter who can show beginners the basics?

As I’ve said I’m a beginner myself, so I can definitely show you the basics! And hopefully, we can learn together and pick up new skills as a group.

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