Guilt, Shame and the Road to Freedom Group Therapy

Learn how to control unhealthy feelings through group therapy sessions

Guilt:  a feeling of worry or unhappiness that you have because you have done something wrong – Cambridge Dictionary

For those who would like to experience counselling as part of a group, we offer informal group therapy sessions.

As women, we sometimes feel excessive or unneeded feelings of guilt and shame. Life is not perfect and we sometimes blame ourselves, but sometimes these feelings are not ours to carry. These feelings can make us feel stuck, unable to tell people how we honestly feel, for fear of upsetting or affecting them.

In these sessions, we will explore how we can be kinder to ourselves, resolve unwanted emotions and move forward. We will be asking:

  • How do we move past feelings of guilt
  • What does guilt look like and how does this hold us back
  • How we learn to say No without fear
  • What it is like to constantly feel this way
  • How does shame make us feel stuck

Leads to a qualification

Course dates
14, 21, 28 November
5, 12, 19 December

Session details
Six sessions
13:30pm – 15:00pm

No pre-booking required



4 – Ground Floor