Get your company involved

Since 1971, we have worked with companies in Nottingham, and can advise you on the best way to support us through your company whatever its size and employee base – whether this is through partnership, sponsorship or employee fundraising. With Nottingham Women’s Centre, you can achieve more for your brand, your employees and more for the community by supporting us.

Business benefits

We know that more businesses are beginning to take an active role in caring for the community in which they are situated. Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly becoming important to shareholders, employees, consumers and clients. 87% of people agreed with the following statement: “A company that supports society and community is probably a good company to work for” (1) MORI Research and 82% of professionals would not work for an organisation whose values they did not believe in. Our main aim is to work with your company to ensure a corporate fundraising partnership that best meets all your company’s interests and objectives. Please call us today on 0115 941 1475 to find out how your company and ourselves can work together this year.
Make Nottingham Women’s Centre your charity of the year

Many companies choose to support one charity throughout the year with their fundraising efforts. Typically this involves dedicating all the year’s staff fundraising to the charity. But within such a rewarding relationship there are other ways for your company to become more involved in raising money for a charity, such as payroll giving, donating gifts in kind, or sponsorship some of our events.

Here are some benefits to you as a charity of the year partner:

  • Engage and motivate staff, and encourage strong team spirit
  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility
  • Enhance and promote a positive image in the community
  • Improve customer and staff loyalty
  • Promotion through our website, and features in our quarterly newsletters
  • Promote development of new skills and interests of Staff
  • Opportunities to sponsor our individual local events.

A dedicated and experienced Fundraising Team who will offer inspiration and continuous support to ensure that the partnership is a positive and successful experience for all parties.

How we will work with you?

The dedicated Nottingham Women’s Centre Fundraising Team will put together a tailored plan of mutual benefit, developed incorporating your suggestions and bespoke ideas for your staff’s fundraising activities. We will customize activities specifically to your company and employees’ wants and needs.

In addition, we would promote volunteering opportunities at Nottingham Women’s Centre to your staff. There is always something fun, exciting and rewarding to get involved with here at our centre. From helping in our garden, sitting on committees, helping at our events or participating at our various yearly events.

What’s Next?

If your company runs a charity of the year scheme you could vote for or nominate Nottingham Women’s Centre when it comes to selecting the company’s next charity partner. For any advice on setting up such a scheme at your work, please call us on 0115 941 1475.