Enabling more Black Women to use Nottingham Women’s Centre

Nottingham Women’s Centre is looking for an organisation or individual with a good knowledge of Black African Caribbean communities to talk to Black Women in Nottingham about how the Women’s Centre could be more accessible to them.


There are two drivers for this work.

The Women’s Centre works with a wide range of women. In the last 12 months 27% of the clients we were working with stated their ethnicity as Black or Asian. However, the 2011 census showed that 35% of Nottingham’s population was from BME groups. We’d therefore like to attract more BAME women to the centre.

We have recently been told that the Centre isn’t welcoming to Black Women and we’d like to explore this issue in more depth and learn how we can be more welcoming.

Previous consultation

This piece of work is part of a larger project to consult with Women in Nottingham. We’ve previously issued online questionnaires and talked to a range of community groups and we now want to pilot a different approach using an independent consultant or organisation that can help us hear the perspective of women who don’t want to talk to us directly or via the methods we’ve already used.

There may be strength in using the same questions so we could combine the data but we are open to suggestions of other questions and styles of collecting feedback too. These are the questions we asked.

Consultation questions – Awareness and feeling welcome at the centre

Q1: Are you aware of the Nottingham Women’s Centre?

Q2: If you have heard of the Nottingham Women’s Centre, what do you think the Centre does, and who is the Centre for?

Q3: Would you go to the Women’s Centre?

Q4: What might stop you going to the Centre?

Q5: What would make you feel welcome and encourage you to go to the Women’s Centre?

Q6: Thinking about the issues that affect women in the Nottingham which issues are you most concerned about/matter most to you?

Q7: Are there any particular services or activities that you would like the Women’s Centre to offer?

Focus of the outreach

We are interested in connecting with Black African Caribbean Women who could benefit from the types of services we offer eg Courses and activities, counselling and peer support, advice, campaigning and volunteering. We’d also be interested in connecting with Black Women who might want to join the Board.

Fee and process

The fee for this work is £3500 and it needs to be completed within a two-month period after the contract is agreed. You will present the results to a group of staff and trustees at the Centre and facilitate a discussion about the actions the Centre could take as a result of the findings.

Please apply in writing stating how you will undertake the work and the numbers of women you will engage. Include evidence of other similar work you have completed.

Send your applications and any questions about the work to jobs@nottinghamwomenscentre.com Deadline for applications 12 noon Monday 24 June 2019.

We would request that any direct contact with women is undertaken by a woman (under the Equality Act 2010, Part 1, Schedule 9). We are looking for an individual or organisation with a good knowledge of the barriers Black Women face in accessing services preferably gained through lived experience.