Meet the team – Jo

Hi, I’m Jo I’m the Quality and Partnerships Co-ordinator and I’ve been at the Women’s Centre since May 2014.

My role means that I get to meet a lot of people and organisations across the City and County who are working to improve the lives of women, girls and LBGT+ people. We have almost 20 partners and small grant partners that we support through the City Council funded Communities of Identity funding and the Lottery funded Help through Crisis and we are really keen to support our partners as much as possible to support their communities.

These range from getting involved in campaigning against domestic and sexual violence, to working on the Girls, women and Violence Network and establishing the Nottingham Womens Organisations Network. I’m always keen to meet organisations (whether well established or just starting out grassroots groups) who are working with women and LGBT+ people to discuss any partnership working opportunities.

Over the next year I’ll be working with colleagues, volunteers and service users of the Women’s Centre to implement the PQASSO quality standard across the centre to ensure that we offer the best space, service and support that we can to all women.

Outside of work I like travel, climbing and Capoeira and I’m a member of the local Womens’ Equality Party branch steering group.

Meet the team – Yvonne

My name is Yvonne and I have worked at Nottingham Women’s Centre for three years as the Office and Finance Manager.

It is a varied role and no two days are the same.  One day I could be engrossed in budgets and general finance work, then the next day I could be sorting out the boiler pressure!

I work with a great bunch of women who are all dedicated to what they do and how they can offer the maximum amount of support to the women who use the centre.

All of the staff at the centre get stuck in and the general feeling is one of support, there is always someone that will muck in to help.  On that point, may I take this opportunity to thank all the staff who have helped with the reception refurbishment.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

It can be quite manic at times in my role but I do enjoy working here, I just wish I had six pairs of hands at times!