Meet the Team – Carli

Hello, I am Carli. I am a caseworker for the Changes project at NWC. I work 30 hrs a week over 5 days to accommodate being able to pick up my children most days. I feel very lucky to work here. I have never worked somewhere where my values and beliefs are so in line with the organisation I work for.

I have worked for NWC for 18 months now. I am still like the cat that got the cream. I love it so much! I love the variety of my role; delivering adult learning courses, one to one casework, sign posting, emotional support, advocacy, event organising and generally being surrounded by great women doing amazing things!

My favourite part about my job is delivering emotional wellbeing topics for Changes women.  It is a privilege to be able to hear about the amazing life skills that the women have developed through adversity and facilitating peer support for those who might be struggling at any particular time and needing a helping hand. Every week I see the transformative effect of a non-judgmental, woman focused approach working throughout the centre.


Meet the Team – Jayne

Hello, my name is Jayne and I have been working at the Nottingham Women’s Centre since May 2017 as the Finance Manager.  My role involves everything finance related from petty cash and invoice payments to payroll and budget planning.  Most days you will often find me engrossed in an excel sheet doing some finance related task.  Over the years I have worked within finance roles I have learnt to absolutely love excel and its wonderful formulas, functions and macro buttons (an odd thing to admit, but totally true!)

 I graduated from Leicester University with a BSc hons in Biochemistry having no clue what I wanted to do next!  I volunteered and worked within various charities in Admin, HR and Finance roles, the most recent being a manager at Women’s Aid Integrated Services where I worked for over 10 years, so many of you may recognise me as a familiar face around the Centre.

I have always aimed to work in organisations with an ethos I felt I could uphold and align myself with.  The Nottingham Women Centre is no exception to that and I have thoroughly enjoyed stepping back into the Centre and working within another organisation that aims to promote, support and empower women.  The team here are fantastic!  They are very dedicated, hardworking and knowledgeable and have been very friendly, helping me feel part of the team very quickly.