How to implement a gender responsive service

On Wednesday 16th May PDU (a partnership between Opportunity Nottingham and NCVS) are hosting a unique event which follows on from their previous successful workshop, led by AVA, where they explored gender responsive practice.  They will consider the issues that need to be taken into account when designing services for women and you will hear from representatives from the National Probation Service, NCC Community Cohesion Team, Changing Lives, Opportunity Nottingham, Nottingham Primary Care Mental Health Service and Nottingham Women’s Centre. They will talk about:


  • How they identified the need for a gender responsive service
  • How their gender responsive services operate strategically
  • The benefits that have resulted from the establishment of these services


You will have the opportunity for peer discussion with their guest speakers to help you begin planning the implementation of a gender responsive service within your own organisation.


The event will take place in the Grand Jury room at the National Justice Museum on Wednesday 16th May from 10.00 to 1.00. To book a place please email


Arrows Archery at Nottingham Women’s Centre

How archery can stretch your abilities and skills

Arrows Archery runs free beginner’s courses here at the Centre, delivered by Archery GB trained volunteer activity leaders. All equipment is provided, kindly donated by Archery GB. The activity is a 60-minute session and all beginners receive an introduction to target archery and are taught the correct technique.

It can be a very rewarding activity helping you to meet new people, support the Centre and take on new challenges.  Our fantastic volunteer activity leader, Kay, tells us about her experience of archery in this community setting.

Can you tell about the training you received from Amy, at Archery GB?

The training was fun, an enjoyable experience; there were a few of us who had a slight competitive edge to us. Therefore, we were given games and challenges to stretch our abilities. Amy made the sessions fun and a relaxed environment to learn in. However, you were aware of the serious side the need for safety. Professionally run and got me hooked on a new hobby, loved it.

What is your greatest strength as an activity leader?

My greatest strength as an activity leader. That’s a hard question. Hmm. Not losing any students, lol. No seriously. Possibly understand individual people their limitations, for example, if they are disabled, working with their disability, or anxious and feel they can’t take information in. It doesn’t matter how many times I show someone the techniques, provided they are enjoying the sessions.

How long have you been involved with Arrows Archery?

I’ve been teaching Archery for a good year now, however, been involved with Archery sessions for about two and a half years.

Tell us about the first time you shot a bow?

The first time I shot a bow was nerve-racking, quite a few of the people in the group had hit the target straight away. So undeterred, with Amy guiding me through the loading procedure, I pulled the bow back to my cheek, arm shoulder height. Left-arm straightish and not at all relaxed looked down the arrow towards the target. Here was my big moment.” Can you feel the tension in the string” asked Amy? Yes, I nodded. “Go for It!” I did, I went for it! I released the string on the bow. It flew; it flew two foot in front of me to the ground!!

What are the benefits of regularly doing archery?

Benefits are – the camaraderie between the people who go, also it’s lovely to learn a new skill and if you want to be competitive, they’re some like-minded people in the group, so you can try and beat your personal best. Or you can just enjoy the banter between the group. Maybe you may meet some new friends.