Women’s Theatre Group

Have you ever thought about treading the boards? Starting this January a group of women joined forces to create a theatre group that works out of the Women’s Centre. The Women’s Theatre Group is moving forward and beginning to recruit people to join. We work as a safe space to explore the stories and narratives that matter to women. Combating stereotypes and 2-dimensional female characters and developing challenging and innovative stories in a fun and accessible way.

We are currently looking at a text that explores male perception of femininity in the arts and are working towards creating a new piece of work for performance. It may be that you’re interested in being part of the acting troupe or would like to help build sets, make costumes or are interested in developing text or offering feedback.

We meet every other Monday evening. The next meeting is 13th March 6-8. If you are interested in attending or would like more details please email womenstheatrenottingham@gmail.com

Course cancellation

Introduction to Beauty Therapy

We regret that due to low attendance on Friday 25 February 2017, the Introduction to Beauty Therapy course will not be continuing.