Apology to Soetry

We want to offer a full and frank apology for the way that Soetry were treated at the Nottingham Inspirational Women Awards. As a result of our actions and inactions Panya and Abii were not afforded the respect that they deserved. We take on board their comment that this could feed into the wider narrative about black women/people being invisible. This is something that we deeply regret but please be assured that this was not our intent. We are grateful that they have taken the time to feed this back to us as it will influence our decisions for how we undertake our work at the Centre and run events in the future.

We are striving to be inclusive but we recognise we still have much to learn and through the coming year we will be talking to women in Nottingham about how we can continue to improve our offer. It was never our intention to cause Soetry any humiliation or shame or to cause Panya and Abii to feel anything other than welcomed and respected – but we absolutely accept that we fell short of this on the night and apologise unreservedly.