An apology to trans and non-binary people

Nottingham Women’s Centre is open to trans women and some non-binary people but we don’t always get things right. We used language that was excluding and othering towards trans, including non-binary people, when asking people to categorise their gender in a recent consultation exercise. We used the terms ‘female from birth’ and ‘male from birth’ and since people are not given a choice about their gender when they are born this is not an appropriate category to use for anyone. We regret not checking this wording, despite the ready availability of best practice guidance and our commitment to consult the trans community on matters that affect them. We would like to thank Notts Trans Hub for bringing this to our attention and giving us a chance to work with them and others to improve our understanding of appropriate language and how to make the Centre more welcoming to trans women including some non-binary people.

Meet the Team – Danielle Firth

My name is Danielle Firth and I joined the Nottingham Women’s Centre in November as a part time administrator for the BBO Towards work project.

For the past ten years I have worked for an apprenticeship training provider and a large hire company as part of their training and development compliance team.
During this time I was able to complete several NVQs, a teaching qualification and most recently my CMI Team Leading diploma.

Having only ever worked in the private sector, working for the Nottingham Women’s Centre is something completely different and I am glad I can be part of such a positive working environment that benefits so many Women. In the short amount of time that I have been here, I have always felt welcomed and supported. I look forward to the new challenges and learning more about this sector.

The majority of my time is taken up by my very active 14 month old daughter, she keeps me on my toes. I enjoy taking her to various play groups and activities to keep her busy.
When I can I enjoy going to the cinema and trying new restaurants with friends and family.