Sexual harassment at work has to stop. In Hollywood, a collective of women have been raising funds to support the legal cases for less powerful and wealthy women in all industries in the US. MP Jess Phillips has been talking to the Fawcett Society and other groups about whether we can set up something similar in the UK.
In her article, which can be read here, she says “Women in the UK have made their voices hoarse speaking up in the last few months, we are buggered if people think we are going to stop now. We want action.”

Here in Notts we’ve already taken some action. Misogyny is now recognised by the Police as a hate crime, meaning that women can now report incidents of sexual harassment at work to the Police and they will be investigated. But many women don’t want to involve the Police and wish instead to take preventative action before there is a case to report.

I’m going to host an action planning meeting here at the Women’s Centre Wednesday 7 Feb 6-8pm for women who are interested in helping us establish a #TimesUpNotts network. Come along if
• You have the energy to help get this off the ground
• You have HR knowledge and would like to like to help companies or support individuals
• You work in a company that would like to take some positive action to create a safe workplace
• You are experiencing harassment and need support. We will not be able to provide support at the meeting but we will listen to you and work with you over the next few months to set up a model to link people with sources of support in the city
If you’ve got money to support this initiative we’d love you to come along too!
If you can’t come but want to be part of this network email saferforwomen@nottinghamwomenscentre.com
The same email address can be used for men who would like to get involved too.

Have you got an opinion on the misogyny hate crime policy in Notts?

January 2018 will see the launch of a major piece of research, commissioned by Nottingham Women’s Centre and funded by Nottinghamshire PCC, to evaluate the success of the misogyny hate crime policy in Nottinghamshire. The research will be led by Dr Loretta Trickett from Nottingham Trent University, with Professor Louise Mullany from the University of Nottingham.

The aim of the research is to obtain information on levels of awareness of the policy change and whether it will encourage people to report examples of misogyny hate crime in Nottinghamshire. We want to understand the scale of misogyny hate crime in Nottinghamshire and the impact of the Nottinghamshire Police policy on women’s feelings of safety. The work will also gather data on men’s experiences, as well as evaluating the experiences of the police in working on this policy.

You can have your say by completing the anonymous online survey anonymous survey. Or taking part in a focus group, contact saferforwomen@nottinghamwomenscentre.com to register your interest.

If you have reported an incident and would like to share your experience with the researchers please contact saferforwomen@nottinghamwomenscentre.com

We hope to launch the findings in May.