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Consent is a hugely important topic and we want to start a conversation around it. Nottinghamshire Police is a member of the Sexual Violence Action Network, a group of organisations working towards increasing understanding of consent and preventing sexual violence and rape.
Sexual consent is an area where there are still a huge number of myths and misconceptions, and we want to know how much you understand consent, and which myths are still believed and shared. Your answers are hugely important to us and there’s also plenty of information to help you better understand consent.
All of your answers will be anonymous and you’ll be helping us shape our future work around tackling negative attitudes about consent and educating perpetrators.
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Meet the Team – Kiran

Hi all, my name is Kiran and I am one of the Employment Advisors at the Nottingham Women’s Centre.  I have been in this job for almost three months and I can honestly say this has been one of the best and most inspiring places I have worked.

I work on a programme called Opportunity and Change which aims to support women who are: vulnerably housed, misusing substances, experiencing mental health issues, experiencing domestic abuse and current or ex-offenders, with the aim of helping them to resolve their complex needs and supporting them to get into education, training and employment with continuous support being offered.

My background is in Health Sciences, but I veered into Drug and Alcohol case work as I had a real passion for helping those who were in need and being a support mechanism in changing their lives around.  Prior to coming to work at The Women’s Centre, I was on leave for four years raising my now four year old son, so I’m sure you can imagine that getting back into employment was very daunting for me.  The first visit I made to The Nottingham Women’s Centre left me with a lasting impression of wanting to do the best I can to assist and support women’s empowerment, knowing that achieving anything is possible no matter what your life experience has been.  The Women’s Centre has most definitely empowered me, helping me to develop skills I never knew I had and I am still on a journey of self-discovery thanks to the Nottingham Women’s Centre.

One of the most beautiful things about working here is that the staff are always on hand to offer their support not only to the women who come here but to one another as well. As soon as you walk through the doors, the collective energy hits you instantly, leaving a positive imprint and lasting desire to give your best.