The Corston Report – 10 years on

It’s now 10 years since The Corston Report: A Review of Women with Particular Vulnerabilities in the Criminal Justice System was published. The report made 43 recommendations to improve the support for women in prison and for those serving sentences in the community.

Since 2010 we’ve delivered the CHANGES project in line with Baroness Corston’s recommendations and during that time we’ve supported over 700 women to turn their lives around. This is a what one of those women said about the support we offered:

“Since coming here to do the CHANGES programme I’m in a much better place financially and I’ve got more confidence. I now listen to people rather than just reacting. I really appreciated being listened to by the staff here – it made me think differently and I know I won’t be offending again as it’s helped me to push the negative people out of my life”

Women in Prison have produced a report on how far the original recommendations have been met. The summary being – some way, but not far enough. You can read their report here.